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My girl

4 Jul

I wrote this poem because . . . well . . . if you know my wife, then you know why I wrote it . . .

My girl is the best girl in the world!
She’s always got my back.
She always makes me laugh. She and I always have a good time.
She has this goofy grin – maybe you’ve seen it.

She talks in her sleep – and all she says is love.
She is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Maybe you’ve heard of her?
If you haven’t, her name is Sarah.
I love my girl.
My girl is the best girl in the world!


Live Brave

4 Jul

“Can you see yourself on a precipice ready to fly?

I can.

If you open your mind and your heart to the possibilities around you, you’ll find a glorious truth.

No belief can quench your thirst for being alive.

No other human can stop your quest for knowledge.

Happiness is something that happens to those who can taste the passion, even when it’s hiding behind a mask of fear; and to those who continue to know the difference between being – and being human.

Live brave and make it happen.

Feel the future.

I dare you.”